Stellator - hybrid solar collector

 World's first scalable hybrid solar collector

FinnStainless Stellator has evolved from the continued development of the world's first hybrid solar collector, Sirius. Stellator is designed for the heat collection utilizing a unique combination of thermal energy from air and sun - hence, the name hybrid solar collector.  

Stellator solar collector enables creation a cost-effective, 100 % ecological and effective tjermal energy management system which can further be used for cooling during night times. 

Ideal use cases for Stellator include:

  • Heat collection from sun and air to be used for warm water heating and in heating systems.
  • Collection of waste heat from air conditioning systems
  • Night time cooling to outside air'

Stellator yields extremely good efficiency in applications where one has a lot of warm water consumption during summer months and/or if the exhaust air can be driven through hybrid collector.